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Stacia Kirby is the Principal of Kirby Communications offering  integrated public relations, social media, and marketing communications services. Connecting people to people, businesses to businesses and all things in between is what we do best. Principal Stacia provides clients with big agency experience and capabilities without the bureaucracy or restrictions of being one. With a client list that varies from start-ups to those on the Fortune500, our strength lies in a clever, strategic approach to good communications.  

Why clients come to Kirby Communications 

They come for results.

They come for help. 

They want to see the needle move, and plans and projects implemented. 

They want their product/service noticed, revered, and preferred.

They want recognition.

That’s what we want, too.  

Communicating is what public relations is all about, and every business has communication needs. In today’s message intense marketplace, communicating to targeted audiences is more difficult and competitive than ever. Kirby Communications helps deliver your message by shaping and enhancing how specific audiences perceive your business, products, and services. And perception to most is reality.


Clients come to us because they want experience- and we have a lot of experience helping clients achieve their goals. Whether it’s getting eyes on your story, fingers tweeting, or thoughts aligned with your position. 


While small, we use the best technology, resources and partners to generate the right results for you.


Everyone defines success differently. We define ours by matching and building upon your definition of success, and getting you the results you deserve.  


Stacia started her career as a journalist, and still loves the written word. Whether it’s a perfectly crafted media release, a social media marketing post, blog, speech, or copy for your website, writing  it right is what we do best. 


The guiding mission and philosophy of Kirby Communications is simple: do great work for clients that get results in a professional, timely, and cost effective manner. 


We communicate what our client’s want in the most strategic, creative and effective manner utilizing tactics such as media relations, social media,  storytelling, content development, events, community relations, and so much more.

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